Let's talk about sex.

The word 'sex' or sexual conversations are typically uncomfortable taboo topics to be avoided at all costs. We all entered this world naked and openly unbothered with our anatomy. It’s only by way of individualized life experiences influenced by race, cultural background, religion, environment, and ideas absorbed over time that society has distorted our cognitive understanding of sex, sex expression, and sexual identity.

PAUSE Project is determined to normalize ‘sex’ and encourage healthy sex conversations. This will organically decrease stigma, body shaming, negative talk or experiences, and encourage sex trauma healing.

Let’s begin the conversation starting with a few definitions:

  • Sex: The act of physical intimacy, intercourse, or sexual act.
  • Sex Expression: Freedom of expression when one embraces the fluidity of sex, self-expression, and sexually orientation.
  • Sexual Identity: Based on your feelings, attractions, and desires. Sexual identity is fluid and can change throughout your life.

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Safe Sex is…

Is safe sex a personal responsibility? Is safe sex a collaborative effort between partners? Although safe sex practices can be a collaborative effort at times, it’s  first and foremost a personal responsibility to ensure a healthy body through preventative care and safe sexual healing.

Safe sex is easier when you incorporate the following:

  • utilizing preventive aids such as condoms (male and female condoms);
  • educating yourself;
  • communicating with partners;
  • limiting the number of sexual partners;
  • avoiding mind-altering substances such as alcohol and drugs;
  • regularly scheduling preventative care visits to the OBGYN; and
  • learning about vaccines for certain STIs, such as Hepatitis B