20 Seconds to Save a Life:

Cervical cancer is a leading cause of cancer deaths among women in Uganda. Saving the lives of women in Uganda is our goal and mission. Our hope is to gather the support of contributors, here in the US, and collaborate with organizations in Uganda. Pre-cancerous cells can be eradicated and lives can be saved with the Thermocoagulator.

Two Women, Giving Hope to Many!

The passions of two dynamic women, Pamgrace Gachenge and Cherrisa Jackson have  joined forces to make a life changing impact  in lives of Uganda women through the  ONE FIGHT, ONE MISSION - 20 Seconds to Save. Human Rights is Civil Rights for all human beings but often times women rights go unheard and unanswered. Through this campaign, women and girls of Uganda will be able to educated on full spectrum of sexual health and empowered to value their bodies and like a life of self-advocacy. With your generous support, PAUSE Project and Project Give Hope will be able to change and save the lives of many Uganda women and girls. We will taking Thermocoagulator’s ( all devices will remain in Uganda), prevention/educational team,medical team, and feminine hygiene products.

What is a Thermocoagulator?

Cure Medical, in partnership with Liger Medical, has created a cutting-edge medical device and solution for the prevention and treatment of cervical cancer. The Thermocoagulator  (TC) uses the latest state-of-the-art technology to treat pre-cancerous cell lesions in the cervix, caused by the HPV virus.

The device is handheld, battery-operated, and quicker, easier to use and as efficacious as cryotherapy. The Thermocoagulator procedure is approximately 20-seconds per treatment to ablate the lesions, as compared to cryotherapy, which requires 11-minutes per treatment.

The probe will heat to 100 degrees Celsius. The Thermocoagulator requires no costly gas cylinders, as needed in cryotherapy. Each probe is good for 50 uses.